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California Public Utilities Commission Whistleblower Trial Wraps Up

A whistleblower case against the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) wrapped up in November 2022. The former, fired CPUC executive director is seeking up to $4.8 million for reporting “fiscal Read More

Ex-Fiat Chrysler Worker’s Suit Revived in the Sixth Circuit

Last November, the Sixth Circuit revived a former Fiat Chrysler employee’s suit. The employee claimed that he was fired for taking off time from work, in order to manage his Read More

A Florida Koozie Maker Settles COVID-19 Layoff Case for Over $350,000

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a lot of layoffs, including those at Scribe Opco Inc., also known as the Koozie Group. 212 employees from the Florida and Minnesota plants were Read More

Former Chicken of the Sea Employee Claims She Was Fired in Retaliation for Reporting Misconduct

A former Chicken of the Sea employee has filed a complaint in Georgia federal court, alleging that she was fired from her HR position when she questioned misappropriation of ERISA-governed Read More

Healthcare Entities Pay Over $2.6 Million to Settle Misconduct Allegations

A doctor and a healthcare facility have agreed to pay more than $2.6 million to settle False Claims Act allegations. They were accused of improperly billing both state and federal Read More

The U.S. CFTC Reaches $710 Million Settlement with 11 Financial Institutions

Late last year, the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission reached a $710 million settlement with 11 major financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Citibank and Bank Read More

A Quick Guide to Coronavirus Whistleblowing

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a lot of change—and ample opportunities for fraud and misconduct. If you know of coronavirus-related misconduct, consider alerting the government. Not only are there protections Read More

Reporting Fraud Against the Government

Every year, the federal U.S. government spends hundreds of billions of dollars on various goods and services, such as military spending, education, disaster relief, transportation, environmental protection and more. Much Read More

Whistleblower Protection Programs in the United States

Whistleblowers are one of the most effective tools against corporate or government fraud and misconduct. There are many programs available, which not only provide protection against retaliation, but may also Read More

Georgia County Under Scrutiny Due to ‘Abhorrent’ Misconduct

Bartow County, Georgia is facing a lawsuit from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) after its HR department failed to stop “abhorrent” misconduct, and racially harassed the employee who reported Read More

The City of Shreveport Is Facing a Whistleblower Lawsuit

The city of Shreveport, Louisiana is facing a whistleblower lawsuit. Former City of Shreveport Controller Ben Hebert filed an action against the city for wrongful termination, claiming it happened because Read More

Whistleblower Nets $20 Million from the SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a Whistleblower Program, which encourages insiders to provide tips regarding wrongdoing. Qualified whistleblowers may receive anywhere from ten to 30 percent of the Read More

Healthcare Kickback Scheme Whistleblower Leads to $45 Million Settlement

The former Vice President of Product Management at Modernizing Medicine, Inc., has led to a $45 million settlement for a healthcare kickback scheme. Amanda Long filed a whistleblower action in Read More

Healthcare Facility Who Fired Worker for Anxiety Disorder Violated the ADA

Recently, a Nashville healthcare and rehabilitation facility was found to have violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), after firing her for her anxiety disorder. A jury awarded the worker Read More

Findings From the 2022 SEC Whistleblower Program Report

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) just released their Whistleblower Program report for the 2022 fiscal year. The Whistleblower Program incentivizes whistleblowers to report wrongdoing. The findings reveal that the Read More

Nurses and Whistleblower Protections

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of nurses and other healthcare professionals in a whole new way. Nurses are on the “front lines” of healthcare, often the first people to Read More

Viewing 129 - 144 out of 1116 posts