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Whistleblowers Shine Light on Low-Quality Food Resulting in Illnesses for National Guard Members

A recent investigation prompted by whistleblower reports found Michigan National Guard troops were becoming ill due to the low quality of their food. According to the whistleblower, nearly 75 meals had Read More

Common Strategies Companies Use to Falsify their Financial Statements

One of the most common forms of fraud committed by businesses is “cooking the books,” or falsifying important financial documents and statements to make out that their numbers are actually Read More

Employment Suits Start to Bounce Back After Lags Caused by Pandemic

It was a predictable result of the COVID-19 pandemic—by May 2020, new employment lawsuits in federal courts started to majorly fall off. However, by the end of the year and Read More

Texas Unions Push Lawmakers to Protect Workers in Wake of COVID-19

Some of the largest unions in the state of Texas recently renewed a push to get lawmakers to overhaul the employment insurance system in the state and to ensure workers’ Read More

Whistleblower to Get $3.6 Million in False Claims Act Case Against Roche, Humana

Humana and Roche Diagnositics Corp. and Roche Diabetes Care, Inc. (Roche) agreed to settle a False Claims Act lawsuit to the tune of $12.5 million, of which more than $3.6 Read More

Paid Leave Under the Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan

One of the very first steps President Joe Biden took upon assuming the presidency was to attack the COVID-19 pandemic and lay out plans for relief for Americans who have Read More

Whistleblower Claims Wrongful Termination After Complaining About COVID Protocols at Workplace

A whistleblower claims he was wrongfully terminated from his position after repeatedly raising his concerns about COVID-19 protocols at Trojan Battery Co. in Santa Fe Springs. The company was the subject Read More

UNT Music Professor Sues School for Retaliation Over Accusations of Racism

A music professor at the University of North Texas, Timothy Jackson, filed a lawsuit against the school, claiming his constitutional rights were violated by the university. UNT said it would remove Read More

Actor Suing Netflix in COVID-19 Working Conditions Case

On January 15, Timothy Hearl officially became the first actor to sue an entertainment employer over working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Netflix is one of the of the defendants Read More

Olive Garden Server Alleges Wrongful Termination After Reporting Sewer Leak in Kitchen

A former server at an Olive Garden restaurant in Glendale, California filed a lawsuit against the restaurant chain, claiming he was forced to resign as retaliation for complaining about being Read More

Worker Claims Sexual Harassment, Whistleblower Retaliation While Working for U.S. Army Contractor

Kylee Lee, a former military intelligence officer, recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer, a U.S. Army contractor, accusing it of whistleblower retaliation in violation of Title VII. Her case Read More

CEO of GPB Capital Holdings LLC Implicated in $1.7 Billion Fraud Case

David Gentile, the CEO of GPB Capital Holdings LLC, was recently charged with engaging in a fraudulent scheme by misrepresenting the source of funds used to make distribution payments to Read More

Washington, D.C. Passes Tax Fraud Qui Tam Statute

On January 13, Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C. signed into law the False Claims Amendment Act of 2020. It will become effective as soon as the 30-day congressional review Read More

Whistleblower Alleges ExxonMobil Overvalued its Financial Position

Franklin Bennett, a former employee of ExxonMobil, recently claimed the oil company has spent years overvaluing its assets, in what he calls a “fraudulent and defiant behavior.” He filed a Read More

Akumin Corporation Must Pay $700,000 to Resolve Healthcare Fraud Claims

Akumin Corporation and Delaware Open MRI Radiology Associates, LLC agreed to a $749,600 settlement with the U.S. government to resolve healthcare fraud allegations that arose under a False Claims Act Read More

Florida Woman Faces Significant Consequences for Role in Healthcare Fraud Scheme

A woman from Indian Rocks Beach in Florida owes more than $20.3 million in restitution and could face up to 13 years in federal prison for her role in perpetrating Read More

Viewing 321 - 336 out of 1116 posts