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Texas attorney advises on state and federal labor and employment laws

A productive workplace depends on adherence to the laws that protect employees and their ability to perform their job in an appropriate environment. Located in Dallas, Steve Kardell, Attorney at Law delivers comprehensive employment law counsel to clients across Texas. The firm handles claims arising from allegations of discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination as well as concerns pertaining to compliance and internal investigations. Attorney Kardell assists clients in all types of jobs and maintains a particular focus on employment law matters involving medical practices and nursing homes.

Firm assists with discrimination, wage, whistleblower and wrongful termination actions

Throughout Texas, Steve Kardell represents workers, managers and other clients in a wide array of labor and employment matters, including issues relating to:

  • Discrimination — Federal and state laws prohibit workplace bias based on an employee’s race, sex, age, religion and disability status. In litigation and administrative hearings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), you can rely on the firm for effective counsel.
  • Wrongful termination — Though Texas is an at-will employment state, fired workers can bring wrongful termination actions if their dismissal is based on illegal discrimination, retaliation or a violation of their employment contract.
  • Severance negotiations — You might be able to negotiate an appropriate severance package in addition to any contractual benefits you are entitled to.
  • Whistleblower claims — Handling either side of a whistleblower claim can be tricky. Mr. Kardell has extensive experience in this area and can offer insight on the likelihood of a successful resolution to your case.
  • Wage and hour issues — Employees and employers have a lot at stake during disputes over unpaid salary, minimum wage laws and overtime pay.

Whatever your particular situation entails, you count on the firm for insightful counsel and strong advocacy.

Medical practice employment issues

Attorney Steve Kardell handles a wide range of workplace legal matters for individuals employed by a medical practice. Stressful conditions, complicated issues related to billing and insurance and other factors could contribute to problems that require the assistance of seasoned Texas employment lawyer. Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant, medical assistant or someone in an administrative role, attorney Kardell understands the special challenges you face on a day-to-day basis and can guide you on the best way to address your concerns.

Retaliation claims for workers at nursing homes and other care facilities

Medical professionals and others who take on the responsibility of caring for the elderly are often put in difficult positions. While these workers are dedicated to keeping seniors healthy and comfortable, they sometimes face pressure from employers to take actions that are not in their patients’ best interests. Numerous nursing homes and other geriatric facilities have been caught engaging in various forms of misconduct, such as overprescribing medications, neglecting patients, conducting unnecessary tests and committing Medicare/Medicaid fraud. Meanwhile, workers who refuse to go along with the instructions of their bosses have been fired or suffered other types of illegal retaliation. If you provide medical or personal care to elderly clients and have experienced adverse job actions because you have objected to your employer’s improper actions, Attorney Steve Kardell can help you pursue appropriate relief.

Compliance and internal investigations

Knowledgeable legal counsel helps managers and companies avoid compliance problems and internal investigations arising from alleged employment law violations. If a whistleblower report or a review from a government body triggers an issue, you should contact a proven lawyer as quickly as possible. While investigations are supposed to uncover the truth, they frequently lead to reactionary decisions that result in unfair punishment. Steve Kardell protects clients by advising on critical compliance practices and advocating for their rights during investigations.

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