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Whistleblower Lawyer to Companies: Obey DOJ 
Dallas attorney, Steve Kardell has a unique perspective as he has represented two former in-house attorneys who separately blew the whistle on their companies in 2018.

Fired Compliance Officer Sues MoneyGram 
Texas Lawyer, Juan Lozada, has filed a retaliation and wrongful termination suit against the company.

In-House Lawyer Shined Spotlight on MoneyGram Compliance Woes
Dallas-area attorney Juan Lozada-Leoni alleged the failures—and MoneyGram’s reluctance to correct them—in a March 5 complaint to the U.S. Department of Labor.

MoneyGram Case Teaches Costly Lesson in Corporate Compliance (or Lack of It)
Dallas-based MoneyGram agreed Thursday to pay $125 million to settle allegations that the money transfer company failed to fulfill nearly all the compliance requirements of a 2009 order from the Federal Trade Commission. MoneyGram also violated the terms of its 2012 deferred prosecution agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice.

To Depose a CLO: A Tricky Situation for Uber’s Lawyers
Steve Kardell quoted regarding general counsels, “Privilege is going to be the biggest hurdle that you’re going to meet over and over again.”

Commentary: The Supreme Court’s New Whistleblower Decision Is Huge

Infosys Whistleblower, Jay Palmer Goes Public

Whistleblowing Has a Price – Is It Worth It?

Fear, Retaliation Ruled Dallas ISD’s HR Department, Ex-Employees Say
Steve Kardell, Representing Smith, said “It was a complete freezing out for purposes of getting rid of him.”

Goldman Sachs Ordered to Pay Sacked Advisers More Than $7.5 Million

A Whistleblower’s Horror Story

SEC Gives Former Officer Half-Million Dollar Whistleblower Award
Wall Street Journal (blog)
This would usually disqualify a person from the agency’s whistleblower program, though the officer fell into an exception provided by the agency’s …

SEC Continues to Investigate Contractual Impediments to Whistleblower Complaints – JD Supra (press release)

SEC May Seek Companies’ Agreements to Determine Whistleblower Treatment  – JD Supra (press release)

Former Company Officer Earns Half-Million Dollar Whistleblower Award for Reporting Fraud Case … – Rejoice Magazine



Citi Group Whistleblower Richard Bowen:

Richard M Bowen Tweet

Citi’s Dark Story (video)

Citigroup Whistleblower Still on the Trail of the Too-Big-to-Fail

Bowen’s TV time before the FCIC, wins Telly award

New York Times, “Was This Whistle-Blower Muzzled?

The Dallas Morning News: An Unsung Hero

Citigroup Whistleblower Still on the Trail of the Too-Big-to-Fail

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WSJ: Meet a Citigroup Whistleblower, Richard M. Bowen, III

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