Client Testimonials

Here are some things our client say about us:

I truly thought you cared about through the entire process. Lots of communication and updates throughout. I felt very in the loop throughout the entire experience would recommend Steve and Mary to anyone who needs help. They genuinely cared about my wellbeing and my experience. – M.H. 2/21/2024

Steve Kardell was terrific in representing me in some very adversarial discussions with Citigroup and also later represented me in my testimony before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.

–Richard Bowen, Citigroup Whistleblower

Never thought my career would end like it did after 30 years of service. I was part of the first round of the so called reduction of force. I asked myself how can I be part of this with 30 years of seniority. How did they pick these 90 plus employees? Now, the culture of this organization made you question every decision they made. It wasn’t what you knew it’s was a culture of who you know. Nonetheless, I did not accept their severance package. I immediately starting looking for an attorney who would take on my case. After the initial call to Steve I had hope again. He was open and honest about everything and reassured me he would do his best for me, and he did. I had an awesome outcome. Thanks Steve you’re the best. – S.S.

Incredible knowledge of employee related concerns and equally brilliant knowledge of health care regulations, standards of practice. I would recommend this firm to anyone. – VB

“Reaching out to Steve Kardell was the best decision I made. His ability to provide immediate insight and direction was very powerful, and a huge relief during a very stressful time period. For anyone struggling with a whistleblower situation, I would highly recommend at least speaking with Steve. After a 10 minute call with him, I had a better understanding of what I was dealing with. Even better, he gave me some immediate hope.

In the end Steve did a better job than I thought was possible. Steve was able to get in contact with people in my organization, that I didn’t have access to. Because of his years of experience, he already has contacts in many organizations in Dallas. The entire situation was handled peacefully. I was impressed by his ability to “keep the peace”–rather than creating a battle with the organization. The reason I didn’t reach out to a lawyer initially, was because I thought it would mean an immediate end to any hope of a positive relationship with the company. Steve was able to address my concerns, and in the end I was able to continue to work for them.” – KS

“I work for a major wireless communications service provider.  When I found  myself unfairly targeted by management for their wrongdoing, dishonesty and unethical actions I needed an attorney who would look out for me.  I needed someone immediately that I could have faith in.  I needed someone experienced enough and not intimidated by one of the three largest companies in wireless communications.  Something about the Kardell Law Group website and information prompted me to give them a call.  The first time I heard Steve verbally stand up for me I knew that I had made the right choice.  Steve and Mary are both dedicated, friendly professionals.  You won’t be disappointed.” – PS

Never thought my employment career would lead to seeking the assistance of an employment attorney. After working for an organization, as part of management for nine years, an incident occurred that I thought I could correct. Not the case. Then, I was terminated. After several sleepless nights and talking with several attorneys, I made one more call to Mr. Steve Kardell. Steve’s “seek first to understand” approach ensured me that he grasped the specifics of my circumstances during our first meeting. That night was my first full restful night of sleep.
Steve or his assistant would keep me updated via text, phone and/or web conferences during the week and even on the weekends. I was more than satisfied with the final separation agreement Steve had achieved for me, especially since Steve had preserved my salary during the entire negotiations.
As a testament to Steve’s commitment to his clients, and after all my employment agreements had been completed, Steve stepped up to assist me again, when my case was picked up by the media. I made the call to Steve and as an automatic reflex, there he was. Steve and his associates made a surreal situation bearable.
Thanks again. – DH

“Steve is a world-class employment attorney capable of handling any complex employment litigation.  I hired Steve to serve as counsel in a wrongful termination case.  His tremendous bench experience proved to be the deciding factor in our win over my former company, who had hired the best and most expensive Silicon Valley firm to represent themselves.  His attention to detail, grit, and determination along with his deep sense of personal ownership, were invaluable and made me feel that no stone would go unturned.   I would recommend Steve to anyone looking for the best counsel in even the most complex employment litigation cases.” – Anonymous

“Steve Kardell is a fearless warrior on behalf of his clients.  Furthermore, Steve is a creative thinker, developing innovative ways to identify and protect his clients who are being retaliated against for only doing the right thing.”

Jay Palmer – a whistleblower in the largest (H1B, B1) visa fraud settlement in United States history.

I wanted to take the time to write to let you know that I am very pleased with the performance, support, professionalism and determination of Mr. Kardell.  Obtaining Mr. Kardell as my legal counsel to represent me was truly one of the best decisions I have made! He provided knowledge, expertise and relief during a very stressful time.  I would highly recommend Mr. Kardell in any employment law case. – E.M.

I have been a health care provider for 14 years and knew that one day a patient might file a grievance. In my case, my legal enemy came in the form of an employer AFTER I filed an internal whistleblowing grievance. I should have taken the FREE advice from Steve to negotiate an exit package. I “thought” I knew more – and due to my own ignorance – found myself terminated immediately. Mary and Steve worked out a payment plan that came in very handy when Steve went head to head with TWO law firms hired by the clinic that I once called home. Steve worked tirelessly to stay in my budget. We often talked well into the night – and there were more than a dozen times he was still up near midnight taking care of my case. While my hindsight is 20/20, I will NEVER again go head to head with an employer until AFTER I make a call to this hard driving law firm. When an attorney can negotiate a settlement, you win. If, however, you do not take his FREE advice to PRE-negotiate, he is an amazing defense attorney. Either way – there is a win-win in your whistleblowing case. Due to the Kardell’s intervention, I have now moved on and am attending medical school. Had I not made this phone call, there is no telling what a big clinic with lots of money and 2 law firms WOULD have done to my professional career.  – PA

Steve Kardell was a blessing during a difficult time. I was impressed at his detail to attention and his intense dedication to my case. He was extremely responsive and answered all my questions. He developed a plan of action for my case with specific time lines. He even coached me on how to approach specific issues and key points I should or should not make. I can’t thank Steve enough. I would highly recommend! – TA

“I was terminated from my job, one that I felt I was doing well, and my numbers reflected my success. My termination was unfair in my opinion. I contacted Steve Kardell, and he listened to everything and asked questions to better understand my feeling of injustice. Not only was I treated badly by management, I was shorted commissions, and upper management was lying to their board. I felt as though the compensation the company offered me was below what I was worth and was not sufficient for the job I had done for them. Steve took my case and got me a better severance. With the pandemic in full swing, and jobs laying off left and right, finding employment right away wasn’t going to happen. Steve Kardell got me a settlement that helped keep me afloat while I looked for a new position. Steve was honest, and he was upfront, letting me know if my case was something I could win or not. I recommend Kardell Law Group with a five star rating!”  -KJ

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