Akumin Corporation Must Pay $700,000 to Resolve Healthcare Fraud Claims

Akumin Corporation and Delaware Open MRI Radiology Associates, LLC agreed to a $749,600 settlement with the U.S. government to resolve healthcare fraud allegations that arose under a False Claims Act case.

A whistleblower familiar with the case prompted the legal action by filing a claim under the quit tam provisions of the False Claims Act. That whistleblower will be eligible to share in the recovery for the case.

Case background

Akumin is a company that provides diagnostic medical imaging services at facilities in seven states. These services are usually performed by technicians, but Medicare regulations require some procedures be supervised by physicians in the office. An investigation at Akumin sites revealed more than 1,500 instances in which there was either not a physician present for studies requiring supervision, or Akumin could not determine if a physician was present.

These regulations exist to ensure patient safety, as well as to protect Medicare’s integrity. Providers who do not comply with these regulations and create the proper documentation of that compliance risk undermining the integrity and effectiveness of the program, as well as the quality of patient care they provide.

If you become aware of any fraudulent activity within a healthcare organization, it is important you work with an attorney to blow the whistle on the illegal activity while protecting your rights and privacy. In many cases, healthcare fraud goes undiscovered unless internal sources are able to report it and provide evidence to government investigators. For more information about the strategies you should implement in your case as you move forward, contact an experienced whistleblower lawyer at Kardell Law Group.