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Fourth Circuit Reminds Employers that Non-Employees May Cause a Hostile Work Environment

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit recently reminded employers that non-employees can cause a hostile work environment. Employers are responsible for ensuring that neither employees nor non-employees Read More

Construction Employees Accuse Contractor of Racial Bias in Firings

Three Black former employees at a bridge construction company have appealed the verdict in their discrimination suit to the Eleventh Circuit, claiming their employer paid them less that white coworkers, Read More

McDonald’s Will Pay Black Franchisee $33.5 Million to Settle Racial Bias Claim

McDonald’s must pay $33.5 million to a black man who owns multiple franchises of the fast food restaurant to settle a lawsuit he filed against the company in which he Read More

Former Infosys Executive Accuses Company of Racial Bias in Favor of Indian Employees

A former executive at Indian software company Infosys accused the company of racial discrimination in its hiring and promotion practices, saying the company favors Indian employees over people of other Read More

Wells Fargo Pays $35 Million to Settle Racial Bias Lawsuit

Earlier this year, Wells Fargo agreed to pay $35 million to more than 500 African-American employees to settle a lawsuit that alleged the large bank routinely favored its white employees. In Read More

Viewing 1 - 5 out of 5 posts