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If You’ve Lost Your Job, We Are Here to Help

Getting laid off from your job can be devastating emotionally and financially. However, the steps you take in the aftermath of the firing, such as obtaining a fair severance agreement, Read More

Whistleblower Suit Against Medical Device Company Allowed to Proceed

The recent whistleblower decision in Witkin v. Medtronic Inc. has cast a spotlight on the intricate interplay between employee rights, corporate accountability, and ethical conduct within the medical device industry. Read More

Qui Tam Lawsuit Triggers $1.5 Total Payment by Owners of Skilled Therapy Provider

After reporting fraud committed by a company providing treatment for muscle pain, a whistleblowing former employee can receive a share of the $1.5 million paid to the government by the Read More

Sexual Harassment Investigation leads to $125K Payment By Children’s Hospital

People who work at children’s hospitals have the enormous responsibility of delivering high-level medical care while providing emotional support to young patients and their families. This environment might seem like Read More

JPMorgan Chase Hit with $348 Million in Penalties for Inadequate Monitoring Practices

The Federal Reserve is forcing a financial services giant to pay a giant fine because they field to monitor trading activity for a period of roughly a decade. JPMorgan Chase, Read More

Who Can Be a Financial Fraud Whistleblower?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a Whistleblower Program that provides valuable assistance in the battle against financial fraud and offers payments to individuals whose reports result in monetary Read More

Electrical Contractor Pays $500K to Settle Age Discrimination Action

An age-discrimination lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against a large electrical contracting company has concluded with a settlement of $500,000 paid to the victims. According to Read More

Judge Blocks Enforcement of Pregnant Workers’ Fairness Act in Cases Involving Texas State Employees

Congress passed the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act of 2023 (PWFA) to provide basic accommodations to employees who are expecting. However, a question about the procedure used to pass the law Read More

Victim of Discrimination and Retaliation Receives $70,000 from Dillard’s

Even employees who have a long track record of workplace success can face discrimination and retaliation on the job. Fortunately, victims of employment law violations can obtain a legal remedy Read More

Home Health Care Whistleblower Case Results in $600K Settlement

The home health care industry frequently generates examples of serious fraud on the government. Work is performed inside private residences, often for clients who lack the ability to communicate regarding Read More

OSHA Reinstates Right of Employees to Have a Third-Party Advocate on Inspections

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the health and safety of workers across the United States. However, up until recently, businesses were allowed Read More

Treble Damages Under the False Claims Act

Acting as a whistleblower when you’ve observed fraud targeting government programs and contracts can seem intimidating. Many people unfortunately choose to not to rock the boat and let misconduct go unreported. Read More

How the Bank Secrecy Act Aids in the Fight Against Fraud

In the realm of financial regulation, the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) stands as a cornerstone in combating money laundering, terrorist financing and other illicit activities. Enacted in 1970, the BSA Read More

DOJ Announces New White-Collar Crime Whistleblower Program

Recently, the Department of Justice (DOJ) unveiled a groundbreaking whistleblower initiative aimed at fortifying integrity and accountability within our nation's institutions. Spearheaded by Lisa Monaco, the Whistleblower Program marks a Read More

Oncology Kickback Scheme Results in Penalties Exceeding $4 Million

An unlawful arrangement in which a medical practice referred patients to a laboratory in exchange for cash payments has resulted in serious sanctions totaling more than $4 million. The case Read More

What Is a Qui Tam Action?

Qui tam actions, with a name derived from a Latin phrase meaning "he who sues for the king as well as for himself," serve as a powerful tool in combatting Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 1116 posts