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Lawsuit Alleges Pharmacy Technician Was Fired After Reporting Boss’s Fraud

Maxim Healthcare Service, a federal contractor for healthcare services, is the subject of a whistleblower lawsuit alleging it retaliated against an employee who reported fraud at an immigrant detention facility. According to the complaint, the whistleblower, Laura Wondercheck, worked for Maxim as a pharmacy technician, serving at the Dilley immigration detention facility for women and […]

Organized Walkouts at Google Protest Company’s Retaliation Against Sexual Harassment Whistleblowers

Google has been the subject of national criticism recently in the wake of allegations of retaliation against employees who protested the way it handles sexual harassment claims. On May 1, which is International Workers’ Day, employees in Google offices globally participated in organized walkouts to protest the alleged retaliation on a large scale. Similar walkouts […]

House Committee Passes Whistleblower Retaliation Protections

The House Financial Services Committee recently passed new legislation that would add protections to whistleblowers from employer retaliation, along with legislation that also creates a clear definition of what is considered insider trading according to U.S. securities laws. The new Whistleblower Protection Reform Act (H.R. 2515) received unanimous support and slightly amends the definition of […]

Study from Whistleblower Organization Claims Facebook Inadvertently Creates Terror Content

A study released recently by the National Whistleblowers Center offers detail into the activity of terrorist groups on Facebook. It finds that the social network could be accidentally assisting in the generation of terrorist content. The study was conducted over the course of five months and involved the analysis of more than 3,000 people known […]

Whistleblower Files Lawsuit Against Community College District over Construction Bonds

Several years ago, voters approved a $3.3 billion construction bond for the Los Angeles Community College District, the largest two-year college system in the United States. Now, the bond is the subject of a massive whistleblower lawsuit. David Salazar, who was to oversee the bond program when he arrived at the district two years ago, […]

Whistleblowers Claim Pharma Company Bribed Doctors to Improve Sales Figures

Mallinckrodt, a pharmaceutical company previously known as Questcor Pharmaceuticals, has the dubious distinction of prompting one of the largest drug price increases in U.S. history. The company raised the price of H.P. Acthar Gel (used to treat an infant seizure disorder) from $40 in 2000 to nearly $39,000 today — a 97,000 percent increase. Now, […]

Tips for Whistleblowers Working in Tech

If you have any reason to believe your company is engaged in wrongdoing, such as misusing user data or various types of fraud, you can become a whistleblower by reporting the issue through the appropriate channels. Although this can be a nerve-racking responsibility to take on, it’s possible that you are the only person capable […]

FAA Receives at Least 4 Whistleblower Calls Regarding Boeing 737 Max

A recent report from CBS News revealed that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has received at least four calls from whistleblowers who work for aviation company Boeing about various issues related to its 737 Max jetliner, one of the company’s newest planes. Whistleblowers began making these disclosures after Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, which crashed last […]

Report Highlights Steps Congress Could Take to Better Protect Whistleblowers

A Government Accountability Office report issued May 7 contains some recommendations on the steps Congress could take to better protect American whistleblowers from retaliation. According to the document, federal whistleblowers frequently go to members of Congress to report fraud, waste and agency-related abuse. This points to how crucial it is for Congressional staff to know […]


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