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Officer in New Jersey Claims to Have Been Punished for Blowing the Whistle on Wrongdoing

A police officer from Clementon, New Jersey, recently filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the city and top law enforcement officials. The plaintiff claims the police chief, Charles Grover, retaliated against him after he brought up concerns about misconduct and the misappropriation of funds. The officer brings multiple sworn affidavits from current and former police officers to back him up.

According to the complaint by patrolman Joseph McDevitt and other sergeants and officers in his claim, Grover retaliated because McDevitt had previously spoken out about these issues in the past. Because of the political corruption in the borough’s offices, it was very difficult for McDevitt and other offers to push back against treatment that was unfair or illegal.

McDevitt describes rampant cronyism in the town, and that the borough council made Grover the chief of police even after a law firm that had been hired to investigate him for misconduct determined he should be terminated.

The reports that got McDevitt into hot water with Grover came after he expressed his beliefs about the inadequate staffing in the department, his feelings about borough officials, the presence of discrimination and retaliation in the department and the borough’s misuse of funds. In response, Grover falsely accused McDevitt of behaviors that led to internal affairs and criminal investigations into him, elevating the stress of the hostile work environment to the point where McDevitt developed an anxiety disorder.

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