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Securities Sales Executive Alleges Wrongful Termination in Favor of Younger Staff

61-year-old securities sales executive Kevin Campbell has taken a stand against alleged age discrimination, filing a lawsuit against Massachusetts-based Easterly Capital LLC in a Colorado federal court. Campbell's lawsuit asserts that Read More

Medical Device Component Manufacturer Settles Age-Based Discrimination Claim for $460,000

A Swiss-based medical device component manufacturer has settled an age-based discrimination lawsuit for $460,000. Fischer Connectors was sued for age bias, including replacing older workers with younger, less-qualified candidates, forcing Read More

Older Employees At Risk for Age Discrimination

In late 2018, ProPublica and the Urban Institute released studies that indicated more than half of older American workers were pushed out of their jobs before they were ready to Read More

AT&T Under Fire for Age Discrimination in 2019 Layoffs

A class action lawsuit filed in January alleges layoffs at AT&T in 2019 were designed to get rid of older employees, and that the company attempted to get those employees Read More

Viewing 1 - 4 out of 4 posts