Older Employees At Risk for Age Discrimination

In late 2018, ProPublica and the Urban Institute released studies that indicated more than half of older American workers were pushed out of their jobs before they were ready to retire, resulting in some significant financial damage.

These studies simply revealed what many already suspected—that age discrimination is a real problem in the United States and that it is critical for older workers to both stand up for their rights while also preparing for any eventuality.

About the study

ProPublica and the Urban Institute analyzed data from the Health and Retirement Study, following approximately 20,000 people from the time they turn 50 through the rest of their lives (since 1992).

Through 2016, the analysis found 56 percent of workers are laid off at least once between turning 50 and their decision to leave paid employment, or they leave jobs under financially damaging circumstances that indicate a likelihood they were forced out instead of leaving voluntarily.

Only about 10 percent of those workers will ever again earn as much as they did before that employment setback, and household incomes of more than half of those who experience those set backs stay substantially below those of workers who do not experience those disruptions.

Age discrimination is illegal under federal law. If you believe you have been discriminated against in any way at work (including in hiring or termination decisions) due to age, you should seek the assistance of a whistleblower attorney who can analyze your case, collect evidence and help you stand up for your rights.

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