Woman Files $100 Million Sexual Harassment Suit Against Schlumberger

A former employee of Schlumberger, one of the largest names in oil field services, filed a $100 million lawsuit against the company alleging sexual harassment.

According to Sara Saidman, the plaintiff, a male coworker told others at the company that they should break into her bedroom to sexually assault her, and that they should ignore her if she declined or resisted any of their sexual advances. She was allegedly forced to share a bedroom with this person while working on a rig in Texas.

She further alleged that Schlumberger fails to properly protect women working in the field, and frequently dismisses sexual harassment claims that arise as “a joke” or “oil field talk.”

Saidman began working for Schlumberger at 21 years old in May 2016.

Liability in sexual harassment cases

More than ever, employers must be cognizant of their responsibilities with regard to enforcing sexual harassment rules and regulations, and the liability they face if they fail to do so. The light that was shone on the issues of sexual harassment in the workplace during the #MeToo movement has made it impossible for businesses to ignore their ethical responsibilities in this regard.

Employees, meanwhile, have the right to take legal action if they feel their employer is allowing a culture of sexual harassment and assault to permeate the company. All employees should be able to feel safe in their workplace, and bad behavior must be properly addressed.

If you have experienced any form of sexual harassment or assault at the workplace and your complaints to management have gone unheard, it is important for you to seek skilled legal counsel. For more information about how to proceed with your case, contact an experienced whistleblower attorney at Kardell Law Group.