Florida Sheriff Could Face Whistleblower Claim

A number of employees in the Wakulla County Sherriff’s Office in Florida want Florida Governor Rick Scott to the county’s sheriff, Charlie Creel, on allegations of misconduct. Five whistleblowers came together to submit a letter to the governor, alleging various instances of wrongdoing performed by the sheriff.

Among the allegations:

  • Sheriff Creel knowingly allowed a registered sex offender to work at a graduation party at Wakulla High School, letting them mingle with the students at the party
  • Sheriff Creel allowed for the use of inmate labor to build grills for a fundraiser and for a birthday gift to the Undersheriff, Trey Morrison
  • Sheriff Creel allowed Deputy Richard Moon to continue working in his position even though he had displayed a clear disregard for African Americans, after suspending Moon and Morrison for being involved in a “racially insensitive” Facebook comment thread

The whistleblowers delivered the letter to Florida Department of Law Enforcement offices in Tallahassee. All five whistleblowers signed the letter, stating that Sheriff Creel was “directly involved” with several incidents of abuse of taxpayer money, fraud and criminal conduct.

Creel has responded to the allegations, saying he reviewed the letter with the Governor. He says that he does not intend to review the subject of the insensitive Facebook comments, and will review the other issues to determine whether there is any merit to them. Creel has not been charged with any crimes, but there will likely be an investigation into the allegations.

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