Federal Judge Denies Dismissal of Whistleblower Complaint Involving Lab Technician

A federal judge recently denied a request to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a whistleblower who claims an employee of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory was fired because she refused to alter an investigate report critical of the lab’s management.

The whistleblower was Aleta Busselman, who was also the person allegedly wrongfully terminated. She filed the lawsuit against Battelle Memorial Institute, which operates the lab, claiming that management pressured her to change the results of a report she developed for the purpose of analyzing the theft of $530,000 of government money.

Battelle sought a dismissal of the suit, saying it was not a qualified whistleblower action in accordance with the terms of the National Defense Authorization Act. However, the court denied this motion, meaning the case will continue.

Whistleblowers protected against wrongful termination

One of the biggest fears would-be whistleblowers often have about revealing their information to investigators is that they might lose their job as a result of their actions. However, there are numerous federal whistleblower protections in place, including laws against retaliation and wrongful termination. This makes it illegal in many circumstances for companies to fire a person simply because they blew the whistle on illegal acts being performed in the workplace.

However, you may need to be persistent and forceful in exercising your rights and protecting yourself, and so it’s important to work with a skilled whistleblower attorney. Contact Kardell Law Group to learn more about your options.