Whistleblowing Complaints from Nurses See Significant Surge

A recent report published by the National Guardian’s Office in England indicates a signficiant increase in whistleblower reports filed by nurses.

According to the report, in 2018-2019, nurses submitted 3,728 complaints with their Independent Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, which was an increase from 2,223 in the prior year. That represents a massive 68 percent increase in nurse-filed whistleblower complaints.

Overall cases of speaking up to these guardians increased by 73 percent.

What does this say about whistleblowing in general?

While this is a case that has to do with the English healthcare system, it’s still interesting to analyze as it says a lot about the growing global culture of blowing the whistle. As whistleblowers become subject to greater protections, they become correspondingly more likely to blow the whistle when they are aware of fraudulent activity or wrongdoing.

Nurses were represented more than any other group in terms of overall whistleblowing complaints for the year, followed by administrative and clerical staff, then other health professionals. About 41 percent of all reported cases for the year were related to harassment and bullying, and another 29 percent were related to concerns over patient safety. There were 12,244 total whistleblower complaints filed, up from 7,087 the year before.

Here in the United States, healthcare fraud continues to account for the vast majority of money earned in judgments and enforcement actions. If you become aware of any wrongdoing internally in your healthcare organization, it is crucial you speak to an experienced whistleblower lawyer at Kardell Law Group to learn more about the best methods of proceeding with your case.