Whistleblower Raises Concerns About Conditions at Nursing Home

A woman in North Dakota recently contacted a whistleblower hotline with concerns about the living conditions at Fargo’s Manor Care Nursing Home. According to the whistleblower, she has a family member living there, and has experienced strong urine smells in the halls and elderly residents who are forced to sit in unchanged adult diapers for long hours.

It’s not just the conditions at the nursing home that are concerning. The whistleblower also says there simply aren’t enough staff members at the facility.

According to North Dakota State Senator Tim Mathern, staffing numbers at nursing homes are almost universally low, and while he can’t comment on the particular nursing home in question, he says it’s a problem that needs to be resolved.

Investigation into the issue

Valley News Live in North Dakota investigated the claims made by the whistleblower. It contacted the North Dakota Health Department and pulled the most recent inspection report for the facility. The nursing home did have complaints and incidents from 2017, the most significant of which involved a nursing home failing to provide necessary resident care.

A spokesperson from Manor Care says the facility complies with all state regulations and all previous issues have been corrected. The spokesperson also says the facility has a five-star quality rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. However, a U.S. News ranking listed Manor Care as being “below average.”

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