Whistleblower Files Lawsuit Against Honeywell International for Alleged Retaliation

A former employee has filed a lawsuit against Honeywell International, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Morris Plains, New Jersey. She is alleging fraud, breach of contract and discrimination.

In the lawsuit, the woman claims Honeywell hired her to increase diversity, but essentially used her as “window dressing” for the company. She says Honeywell lured her away from her previous place of employment to “implement diversity strategies.” After she questioned how sincere the company was committed to diversity and fixing past incidents of discrimination, Honeywell allegedly fired her as a means of retaliation.

A Honeywell representative issued a statement on behalf of the company, saying, “We believe [the] case is without merit and Honeywell will defend our position vigorously.”

Many protections available for workers alleging retaliation

Federal law gives numerous protections to whistleblowers who have been victims of retaliation. In many cases, these workers can get their jobs back — or at least recover an appropriate amount of compensation for the wrongdoing of the company.

This case hinges not so much on whether the hiring practices of Honeywell were discriminatory, but more so on whether Honeywell retaliated by firing the woman after she raised her concerns about the company’s hiring practices and its commitment to having a truly diverse and fair workplace.

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