Whistleblower Alleges Wrongful Termination by Med Health Services

A woman in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, claims her supervisors at Med Health Services Inc. in Monroeville illegally retaliated against her after she raised concerns about illegal activity in the workplace to federal authorities.

In documents filed in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court, Belvia Levkus claims her supervisors harassed and ultimately filed her after discovering she had been cooperating with FBI and DEA agents.

Plaintiff alleges wrongdoing

Levkus had worked as an ultrasound tech for Med Health since 2008 until her termination in January. According to her lawsuit, since she began working for the company, several health care professionals and doctors have been under investigation or even indicted by federal authorities for healthcare fraud or illegal distribution of prescription drugs.

Levkus claims to have witnessed supervisors telling employees to administer unnecessary medical tests to be able to bill Medicare and Medicaid for higher amounts. Employees also had salaries that were determined by a quota system that would bump up their pay if they performed more tests, an illegal kickback scheme. Med Health allegedly gave other kickbacks to certain doctors in exchange for being able to rent out office space and perform tests at exorbitant rates.

After Levkus contacted federal authorities about her beliefs, the FBI raided Med Health’s offices in June 2017. Soon after she became the subject of abusive interactions and harassment on the part of her managers. She was fired four days after telling a supervisor she was cooperating with FBI investigations.

Levkus has been seeking work since her termination, but Med Health allegedly refuses to confirm her employment dates when potential new employers contact it. She claims the company has violated a variety of federal laws, including the False Claims Act and the Whistleblower Law.

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