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Recent College Admissions Scandal Leads to Whistleblower Hotline Reward

A recent college admissions scandal has been all over national news recently, leading to the indictment of more than 50 people nationwide — including some celebrities. In the wake of that scandal, there was a class action lawsuit filed against the University of Texas (which also fired its tennis coach), and now the creation of a $10,000 reward for more information from whistleblowers.

Government Crime Stoppers is running the whistleblower hotline reward program, offering it to anyone who can provide unique information that contributes in a substantial way to the prosecution of people who have been involved in the admissions scandal at any Texas higher education institution. But while the hotline is mostly focused on Texas, the executive director of Government Crime Stoppers says the organization will take tips from the admissions scandal from anywhere in the country, considering the far-reaching nature of the situation.

Serious issues at play

So far, dozens of parents and academic figures have entered pleas to felony charges such as bribery, fraud and cheating to get unqualified students admitted to universities. The University of Texas fired its men’s tennis coach after learning he was implicated in felonies, having taken in about $100,000 in bribes to recruit a student who had no competitive tennis experience.

The class action lawsuit was filed in California and names the University of Texas and seven other universities as defendants. Also named in the suit is William Singer, who operates a college preparatory business and is the chief target of the federal investigation into the scandal. The class action lawsuit could grow to involve hundreds of students, and claims the value of the degrees and reputations of the students were damaged by the corrupt admission standards at the named schools. The other schools include Stanford, UCLA, San Diego, USC, Yale, Wake Forest and Georgetown.

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