Panama City Beach Faces Whistleblower Lawsuit

A former employee for the Panama City Beach building department filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the city, alleging she was forced to endure a hostile work environment after reporting instances of discrimination against her due to her age, gender and disability.

The plaintiff is Heidi Murray, who officially filed the lawsuit on January 4 in circuit court. Murray claims she was retaliated against at work and ultimately fired after reporting being treated less favorably by her male supervisors than younger employees who did not have disabilities. According to Murray, the actions taken against her violate Florida’s whistleblower protection laws and caused her significant economic losses. She seeks a jury trial and damages of more than $15,000. If the jury rules in favor of her, it could award her more or less.

What do the claims entail?

In the lawsuit, Murray mentions she had been dealing with lingering pain from chemotherapy treatments, and that her disability caused her to receive disparate treatment compared to other employees.

She also alleges she was paid less than newer employees, received write-ups for certain activities that other employees did not, was regularly criticized in front of customers and was unfairly accused of poor work. She reported her issues internally to the HR manager and city manager, but saw no corrective actions.

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