Infosys Whistleblower Reveals H-1B Workers Have Minimal Skills

A whistleblower that works for Indian tech corporation Infosys claims that H-1B workers that replace Americans in their positions have little to no business knowledge and very few relevant skills to their positions. The whistleblower, in turn, has asked legislators not to increase the number of work visas that have allowed these workers to take these positions and to plug in certain loopholes that exist in the immigration system.

That whistleblower is Jay B. Palmer, whose information about Infosys led to a $34 million settlement, the largest fraud settlement in United States history. He claims that large companies like Infosys regularly abuse H1B and B1 visa laws, as well as SEC income tax regulations, to save money on employment. Palmer says that Americans are being displaced from their positions in “record numbers” by employees that simply do not have the skills required to be reasonably effective in those positions and do not pay taxes on their income.

For quite some time, the identity of the whistleblower whose information led to the record case and the information about the case in general had been kept hidden from the general public. But the recently released information and allegations have stirred public outrage, particularly in a time where there are still many issues with unemployment and finances for citizens throughout the country.

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