Home Health Care Service Faces Allegations of Misclassifying Aides, Denying Overtime Wages

In a recent development, a home health care service, FinePoints Private Duty Healthcare LLC, and its owner, Cynthia Keller-Bee, are facing allegations of misclassifying their aides as independent contractors to avoid paying overtime wages. The case, brought by home care aide Margaret Bobb, sheds light on the potential exploitation of workers in the industry and underscores the importance of legal representation when facing issues of misclassification.

The Allegations

Margaret Bobb alleges that FinePoints violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Maryland wage laws by denying her and other aides their rightful wages. Bobb claims that she was not compensated for the considerable time spent traveling between clients' homes, a violation of federal and state laws that recognize travel time as compensable work.

Moreover, Bobb asserts that FinePoints unlawfully deducted a portion of her salary and failed to pay overtime premiums for hours worked beyond 40 in a week. Despite promises of a $25-per-hour pay rate, aides allegedly had 20% of their hourly wages withheld, and Bobb's pay rate was decreased to $17 an hour in October 2022.

Protecting Your Rights in Misclassification Cases

Worker misclassification cases, like the one involving FinePoints, highlight the vulnerability of employees who may be subjected to unfair labor practices. It is crucial for individuals facing similar situations to seek advice from an employment law attorney promptly. Legal representation ensures that individuals can assert their rights, seek appropriate compensation, and contribute to a more equitable working environment.

 If you believe you are facing similar issues in your workplace, consult with the experienced employment attorneys at the Kardell Law Group to explore your legal options and protect your rights. Remember, seeking legal advice is a proactive step toward ensuring a fair and just workplace for all.