Google Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Issue of Equal Pay

Google is the most recent of a series of large companies to face class action lawsuits from women who allege they do not receive equal pay. This lawsuit comes at a time when Google has also been the subject to an Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program investigation related to its pay practices.

In September, three former employees of Google filed a class action lawsuit against the company, alleging it violated state laws like California Equal Pay Act. The suit was filed on behalf of all other current and former female employees of Google who are in the same situation. The three women who initiated the claim say they resigned from the company because of the unfair pay and the lack of opportunities for women to earn promotions and advancement.

In the lawsuit, the women describe Google as having a compensation policy that puts its employees on different “ladders.” This, they argue, ultimately puts employees on uneven tracks for advancement opportunities. The women say they were placed at lower levels on the ladder than male coworkers who had the same levels of experience. In other situations, the women claim they and others were placed on entirely separate, parallel ladders leading to lower compensation and less earning potential, despite the fact that they performed “substantially similar” roles.

What does California law say?

California is one of the most aggressive states in the country when it comes to ensuring employee-friendly pay. Employers are required to pay the same wages to men and women, as well as workers of different races and/or ethnicities, if they perform “substantially similar” work. An employee who succeeds in an equal pay lawsuit can recover the pay differential, interest and court costs.

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