Frisco Firm Fires Employee After She Shelters in Place in Dallas County, Suit Says

In her article published April 23, 2020, on, Diana Zoga discusses a lawsuit filed in Dallas County in mid-April. The suit was filed by Amy Reggio, a woman who says she lost her job for trying to comply with shelter-in-place orders during the coronavirus pandemic.

On March 27, Ms. Reggio was fired from her job as the general counsel at a real estate investment and development firm. She believed it was illegal for her to leave her home and go to work, due to the stay at home orders. The article states that the company's president declined her offer to work from home. Instead, she was terminated.

Our Dallas whistleblower attorney, Steve Kardell stated that questions about worker rights in the pandemic are increasing. Although he is not involved in Ms. Reggio’s case, Mr. Kardell pointed out many employees are facing similar questions. And the answers are more complicated for those deemed essential in the pandemic.

“That’s one of the things we’ve seen as a result of COVID: our practice has just skyrocketed...People are worried about safe working conditions, worried about exposure, worried about protective clothing, which are sometimes in short supply. It’s one of those things where it creates even more uncertainty...I think after COVID is over, it’s going to open up a lot more employment law issues - including family medical leave. It’s my opinion this is going to open up more awareness of the problems and also legislation to cure those problems.”

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