Florida Prison Whistleblower Claims to be Victim of Retaliation

A whistleblower who reported abuse and poor conditions at prisons across the state of Florida now claims to have been a victim of retaliation as he fights against his termination.

Correctional Officer Tim Butler first shared his knowledge of the conditions of Florida prisons four years ago anonymously, but says some higher-ups suspected it had been him. He says he was subjected to intimidation for at least a year after that. In his termination papers, the Department of Corrections claims Butler was regularly late and used unwarranted force, allegations Butler argues are false and “trumped up” for the purpose of making his firing appear justifiable.

Plaintiff exposes several issues

Butler’s specific complaints included drugs, the use of drones, dangerous working conditions and a lack of proper security. For example, he once requested more assistance in the mess hall, but was met with refusal. Meanwhile, the prisons are woefully understaffed, there is little money to repair facilities or keep them in at least decent condition and officers are forced to work long hours to make up for the lack of adequate staffing.

Butler also claims the inmates are treated poorly, which is backed up by a dozen current and former inmates all filing for whistleblower protections, as well. It is yet to be seen if any improvements get made as a result of Butler’s complaints.

If you believe you have been a victim of whistleblower retaliation, contact an attorney at Kardell Law Group as soon as possible. There are federal laws in place that protect individuals against these actions.