FAA Receives at Least 4 Whistleblower Calls Regarding Boeing 737 Max

A recent report from CBS News revealed that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has received at least four calls from whistleblowers who work for aviation company Boeing about various issues related to its 737 Max jetliner, one of the company’s newest planes.

Whistleblowers began making these disclosures after Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, which crashed last month.

Significant safety concerns

According to the reports, both current and former employees of Boeing alleged there were issues related to the angle of attack (AOA) sensor in the planes. There were also reported problems with the MCAS anti-stall system, which relies on data fed to it by the AOA sensor. Both of these parts in the plane were linked to a pair of deadly 737 Max crashes that led to the deaths of 350 people. The aircraft has been grounded worldwide while investigations proceed. One claim includes allegations of damaged wiring in an AOA sensor caused by a foreign object.

Although Boeing claims it has had no reported issues with foreign object debris damage to its AOA sensors or wiring, CBS News revealed the company has a history of issues with foreign object debris being found in other aircraft, including the 787 Dreamliner. Metal shavings were discovered in aircraft that had been certified as debris-free by the company, even as recently as 2017.

Investigations are ongoing and it remains to be seen the impact these claims will have on Boeing and its new airplane.

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