Employees of Public Companies Lying About Performance Could Potentially Earn Millions in Whistleblower Awards

Employees and managers of publicly traded companies could recover significant amounts of money if they have proof that executives are purposefully withholding negative or damaging information from shareholders to protect stock values. Given the recent market volatility and record drops we’ve seen in the stock market, this could affect many workers and managers across the country.

The SEC has a reward program for any whistleblowers who possess proof of such mistruths on the part of company executives. In some cases, the awards in these claims have reached millions of dollars. In most cases, the whistleblower can remain anonymous, protecting his or her identity and livelihood.

It is strongly suggested that you contact a whistleblower attorney if you have proof of any of the following:

  • Defense contractors lying to the government about their product performance or paying off foreign officials to sell their products
  • Pharmaceutical companies not releasing information about dangers associated with their products, such as severe undisclosed side effects
  • Financial institutions unnecessarily gouging customers with fees to artificially inflate profits
  • Energy companies lying about environmental damage caused by their work
  • Tech companies intentionally distorting news or algorithms to align with their political views or causes
  • Automakers that are intentionally withholding information about potential defects and other dangers in their vehicles
  • Food manufacturers failing to go public about dangers associated with their products that would necessitate a recall
  • Corporations hiding a culture of sexual harassment and assault from shareholders

For more information on the circumstances in which you should blow the whistle and file an SEC claim, consult a trusted whistleblower attorney with Kardell Law Group.