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CSU’s Latest Whistleblower Settlement Worth $1.3 Million

Chicago State University recently agreed to a $1.3 million settlement in a whistleblower suit brought forth by a former university administrator who claimed he was fired for reporting financial wrongdoing by the university’s then-president. It was the second such settlement the university was forced to pay in the last three years.

The case was scheduled to go to trial just a couple days after the settlement was finalized, which means the university likely avoided an even larger financial blow.

The whistleblower was former Chief Financial Officer Glenn Meeks, who filed the lawsuit in 2014. He had raised concerns internally about administrative salaries and expenses that he believed were out of control, as well as about former university President Wayne Watson’s intimate relationship with an employee of the university who was hired and promoted without the proper credentials for her position. He claimed he was retaliated against because he disagreed with the people who were in charge.

The $1.3 million award includes $850,000 in back pay and $450,000 in lawyer’s fees. The university did not have to admit to any liability as a part of the settlement.

Whistleblower retaliation a serious issue

There are national laws in place that protect whistleblowers from any sort of retaliation after they speak out or raise concerns about wrongdoing within their workplace. Anyone who has been a victim of whistleblower retaliation has the right to file a lawsuit against the offending party.

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