Covid-19 Articles

A Six-Month Recap of Current and Prospective Covid-19 Litigation
Employment law may be the practice area most affected by COVID-19. In this fourth part of a multi-part series, Corporate Counsel is publishing a frank conversation between Steve Kardell, a leader on the plaintiff’s side of COVID-19 employment law, and, on the management side, Harry Jones, one of Littler’ s designated COVID-19 experts.

New Federal and State COVID-19 Legislation: A Q&A From the Plaintiff and Defense Perspective
In this second part of a multi-part series, Corporate Counsel presents a dialogue between Steve Kardell of Kardell Law Group and Harry Jones of Littler Mendelson on new federal and state legislation from the plaintiff and defense perspective.

A Candid Discussion on the Effects of COVID-19 on Employment Law
In an interview with, Dallas whistleblower attorney, Steve Kardell states, “As a result of being on the other side of many disputes with Littler, I was aware of their multi-functional knowledge base, for both client counseling and litigation. Covid-19 has obviously upended all facets of employment law. I sat down with Harry Jones, a Littler partner who is helping spearhead their Covid-19 practice, to get his perspective on this monumental change.”

TX Lawyer 2nd article on Judge Moye Kardell quoted (1)
Employment attorney, Steve Kardell of Dallas,  wrote in an email that the situation has become “absurd” because of the way politicians have reacted. The judge had no other option than to enforce the law. The law on the books at the time clearly provided for jail time as a penalty, he said.

Employees Express Concern Over Some Restaurants’ ‘No Mask’ Policy
Steve Kardell explains that in instances of COVID-19 related issues, such as mandating restaurant employees to wear face masks, the governer’s orders prevail. Even if Dallas County created a new ordinance, the governer’s orders must be followed.

Texans Can Refuse to Return to Work, Continue Receiving Unemployment Assistance With Valid Reason: Abbott
Employment attorney Steve Kardell said his advice for workers fearing returning to work to gather evidence and any documents including doctor’s note indicating underlying health conditions. TWC hearings are held to determine if an individual’s refusal of work is justified and can continue to receive benefits.

Re-Opening Texas Leaves Workers with Tough Decisions
Steve Kardell explains if any worker refuses to return to work over fears of contracting coronavirus, unemployment will base their decision on whether or not the individual has COVID or just a fear of contracting COVID if they go back to work. A fear that is unrelated to their [worker’s] current medical condition wouldn’t allow them to refuse an offer to go back to work.

Frisco Firm Fires Employee After She Shelters in Place in Dallas County, Suit Says
Questions about worker rights in the pandemic are increasing. Steve Kardell says, people are worried about safe working conditions, worried about exposure, worried about protective clothing, which is sometimes in short supply. It’s one of those things where it creates even more uncertainty. After COVID is over, it’s going to open up a lot more employment law issues – including family medical leave. It’s my opinion this is going to open up more awareness of the problems and also legislation to cure those problems.