Corporate Whistleblower Center Encourages Physicians, Health Care Professionals to Come Forward

The Corporate Whistleblower Center, an advocacy group that aims to protect whistleblowers against retaliation, is encouraging more professionals within the health care industry to come forward when they discover wrongdoing within their organizations. In a recent news release, the center urged physicians, health care managers and other professionals to call its offices whenever they find evidence that a pharmaceutical company is bribing doctors or administrators to sell more of its products.

One recent whistleblower received $3 million for reporting information that ultimately led to a large action taken against the health care organization in question. Potential fines for kickback schemes or Stark Law violations can often surpass $1 million in value. Whistleblowers may be eligible for a portion of the total sanctions a regulatory agency levies against an offending party.

Internal investigations can help businesses mitigate whistleblowers’ impact

The Corporate Whistleblower Center encourages potential whistleblowers to come to it first, rather than a government agency or the news media. The organization aims to give individuals the protections they need to move forward with confidence.

The reason why this is often necessary is because many businesses and organizations punish whistleblowers, rather than following up with an internal investigation to look into the issues these individuals bring up. Whistleblowers may face unfair treatment in the workplace, demotions and even termination — simply for doing what they felt was right.

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