Whistleblower Sues NJ Firm for Alleged Unethical Billing Practices

A lawsuit was filed June 12 against Einhorn Harris Ascher Barbarito & Frost PC for allegedly firing a former legal secretary for issuing a complaint about misconduct she believed was taking place at the New Jersey law firm.

In the complaint, whistleblower Cynthia Reeves accused Einhorn Harris of incorrect billing practices and priorities which placed profit above the needs of the firm’s clients. As part of her claim, Reeves stated that work she completed as a secretary was charged to the client at attorney billing rates. Following the issuance of her complaint, Reeves was terminated from her position.

In response, the firm issued a statement noting that Einhorn Harris denies Reeves’ allegations and will be representing itself against the plaintiff’s claims.

Reeves stated that inflated billing was a common practice in the family law department of the firm. She also noted that throughout her employment at Einhorn Harris, Reeves spoke with her supervisor about the misleading billing practices and made it clear she thought the firm was being unlawful. At times during her employment the plaintiff also claims to have refused work which she knew would be incorrectly billed at attorney rates.

Further, Reeves alleged that unlawful activity included exploiting the estate of a deceased client. Allegedly, a lawyer at the firm had specific information as to the assets of the deceased’s estate, and used this knowledge to secure additional legal fees. Reeves noted in her complaint that she heard two colleagues speaking about the quantities of money the firm could secure from the estate.

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