Whistleblower Football Coach Files Suit Against High School

High school football coach Matt Strout has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against his former employer, Broward County Public Schools in south Florida. Strout alleges that following a complaint he issued against Miramar High School, he was fired from his position as a substitute teacher and football coach.

Strout’s formal complaint detailed violations of the high school football program’s regulations. He alleged that the school gave improper benefits to players on the football team, which included fixed grades and gifts. The coach also claimed the school was responsible for illegal transfers.

In addition to these claims, Strout accused Miramar High of not providing overtime payment for extra employee hours spent coaching or teaching. Strout also asserted that the high school demanded that he teach as a substitute teacher, even though the school knew he did not have an education degree or teaching certificate, and was unqualified for the position. As part of his lawsuit, Strout is also seeking payment for his two years as assistant coach for the school’s football team.

Following Strout’s termination, Miramar High confessed to violating the rules of the football program and to giving its team’s players certain benefits. However, the school believes that Strout included falsities on his resume about his previous football experience, including a mention that he previously played football at Ohio State University.

Employees may report illegal or unethical behaviors carried out by their employers and are protected under the law for reporting such activities. Employees are also protected from employer retaliation once a complaint is filed. For more information, speak with Steve Kardell at Whistleblower Law for Managers in Dallas.