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Strategies for an Effective Internal Investigation

If your business or organization is accused of wrongdoing, it’s important to have a sounds strategy in place to conduct a thorough internal investigation, responding quickly and effectively. However, these investigations take a lot of time, resources and planning — and so it’s often best to have a plan in place before any issues have arisen.

The following are some key tips for conducting an internal corporate investigation that meets the standards of the U.S. Department of Justice:

  • Be precise: The DOJ likes to see targeted investigations that determine exactly what happened, when it occurred, who was involved and which potential illegal actions took place. The inquiry should uncover all relevant facts, documents and other evidence.
  • Invest resources wisely: In many cases, these investigations may take up a lot of time, money and other resources. However, you can invest these resources wisely by focusing your investigation only on potential areas of wrongdoing, rather than casting a wide net.
  • Be open with communication: Organizations that cooperate with federal investigators will be more likely to receive support when it comes to effectively targeting their investigations. In almost all instances, the DOJ will disclose the areas of your company it is looking at if you engage in open communication with agency officials.

These are only a few of the tips and actions that can help lead to a successful response to a whistleblower claim. To learn more about how you can best protect your company through a comprehensive internal investigation, consult a dedicated attorney with Whistleblower Law for Managers, based in Dallas, Texas.


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