Secret Siri Recordings Revealed by Whistleblower

Owners of iPhones are suddenly reconsidering the way they use the Siri feature thanks to a recent whistleblower report published in the Guardian. According to the report, contractors who were hired for quality control purposes were able to hear private recordings Siri made accidentally, including business deals, medical appointments, illegal drug sales and sexual intercourse. Apple pledged to conduct a “thorough review” of the issue.

The report indicated that most of the accidental recordings were started by accident using a “wake word” that sounded like “hey Siri.” In other cases, the recordings were started by the Apple Watch, which activates Siri when raised.

Most of the accidental recordings are “humdrum stuff,” according to the whistleblower, but there are instances in which private conversations that reveal people’s personal information can be heard. The whistleblower found it important to release this information, as iPhone owners may be otherwise unaware that they may be accidentally recorded in some circumstances, and that Apple technicians have access to those recordings.

Whistleblowers play an important role in consumer protection

The information provided by whistleblowers is often critical in helping to protect consumers and their rights. In some cases it reveals corporate misconduct, in other circumstances it reveals technical issues like this that affect a large group of consumers. Whistleblowers are subject to federal protections in many cases to help incentivize them to come forward with their information.

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