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Police Vest Whistleblower Gets a $5.7 Million Settlement

According to the Justice Department, a Michigan college professor who alerted the government to defective material in police vests will receive $5.7 million.

The award is just one part of a larger $66 million settlement with a Japanese company, Toyobo, and its American subsidiary. Toyobo was alleged to have knowingly sold defective Zylon fiber that degraded when the weather became particularly hot or humid. The material was used to make bulletproof vests until 2005, and those vests were purchased across the nation at various federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

The man who blew the whistle was Aaron Westrick, a criminal justice professor at Lake Superior State University in Michigan. He had previously worked at Second Chance Body Armor, a company that made vests using that Zylon fiber material.

In a statement, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said selling clearly defective material is “dishonest” and dangerous, as it puts the life of law enforcement professionals at risk.

Your options when you become aware of wrongdoing

If you become aware of any sort of fraud or wrongdoing within your company, organization or agency, it is important you take the appropriate steps to reveal that wrongdoing and provide evidence to the correct government entity.

When you decide to blow the whistle, having a skilled whistleblower attorney at your side throughout the process can ensure you protect your rights and get the best possible result in your case. For more guidance on your legal options, contact an experienced Dallas lawyer at Kardell Law Group.


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