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Omaha Doctors Allege Wrongful Termination from Children’s Hospital

A pair of surgeons from Omaha filed a lawsuit against the city’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, claiming they were wrongfully suspended and then forced to resign certain privileges after bringing forth concerns about patient safety.

In the lawsuit, Dr. Mark Puccioni and Dr. Jason Miller claimed the hospital suspended their privileges after they reported their concerns about the death of a seven-month-old child during an operation performed by another surgeon. The doctors questioned that surgeon’s competence.

The two doctors have a combined 27 years of experience at hospitals throughout the area and have frequently operated together on patients who require both of their sets of knowledge and specialties.

Concerns about hospital care have been prevalent

 Puccini and Miller are not the only individuals to question the care provided at the Children’s Hospital of Omaha recently. Just weeks before the two filed their lawsuit, the Nebraska Medical Association sent a letter to the board of the hospital, expressing its concerns about the safety and quality of patient care at the facility, along with concerns about the loss of several longtime, respected physicians at the hospital.

The hospital has been relatively quiet about the lawsuit, refusing to discuss personnel and saying simply that it is committed to providing the best possible service to ensure the health and safety of children in the Omaha area.

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