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NYC Council Passes New Law Aimed at Stopping Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The New York City Council recently passed the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act, a series of bills with the goal of addressing and preventing sexual harassment in work environments. Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the act into law.

The act amends the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) and the New York City Charter. Here are some of the elements it includes:

  • Required anti-harassment training: All employees with at least 15 employees (including interns) must now conduct annual anti-harassment training for all employees, including supervisors and managers. The required training must cover topics such as examples of sexual harassment, bystander intervention and reporting incidents internally and with the various government agencies.
  • Notice of anti-harassment rights and responsibilities: Employers must display an anti-sexual harassment rights and responsibilities poster in a conspicuous area. They must also distribute sheets on sexual harassment to new hires. The City Commission must post resources for sexual harassment victims on its website.
  • Anti-discrimination protections: The act expands anti-discrimination protections to permit claims of gender-based harassment by all employees, regardless of company size. The Act also extends the statute of limitations for filing complaints with the City Commission to three years after the alleged incident.
  • City contractor requirements: All city contractors are required to have practices related to preventing and addressing sexual harassment.

For more information about the changes brought forth by this new legislation and how it could inspire other major cities across the nation, consult a skilled Dallas attorney at Kardell Law Group.


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