Island Health and RMCP Investigate Possible Incident of Caregiver Stealing Senior’s Money

A woman who was hired to take care of a senior citizen from Nanaimo may have used that opportunity to steal his money, according to the 93-year-old man she was working for and his daughter.

The man daughter says she has been “losing sleep” and “throwing up” because of the situation. The man said he has long been meticulous with his money, tracking how much he spends and has daily. He said he knows how much cash he has in his wallet every day, but that in three separate cases, money had disappeared from his wallet. As of mid-July, the amount lost was nearly $600.

The family set up surveillance cameras throughout the home, suspecting the loss of money was not a coincidence. While the footage does not show the woman stealing from the home, there was a day she came in unlawfully. On that day, she appears to reach into a drawer for the man’s wallet, but does not take any money.

The man is a Canadian veteran, and his care is paid for by Veterans Affairs Canada. Officials did not confirm if any of the allegations the family has made have been proven to date.

Act when you’re aware of wrongdoing

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