Infosys Controversy Intensifies with Whistleblower’s Anonymous Letter

A letter from an apparent whistleblower with Infosys, one of India’s leading technology companies, alleges that some members of the company’s management team benefited illegally from a recent acquisition.

According to media reports, the anonymous whistleblower says the company Infosys acquired, Israeli automation firm Panaya, had been valued at about $162 million a month before Infosys purchased it for $200 million. The letter also claims that venture capital firm Israel Growth Partners and a former colleague of a high-ranking Infosys executive benefited from the purchase price being much higher than the valuation.

The executive, Vishal Sikka, quickly denied the claims in an email to staff members, saying that the letter’s purpose was to “drug us all into the mud.” He also described news stories about the incident as “false and malicious,” and claimed that there was a real effort underway to undermine the credibility of Sikka and other Infosys executives.

Sikka has been the subject of controversy ever since he moved to Infosys from SAP in 2014. He is the first non-founder chief executive officer in the company’s history, and some members of the senior management team have complained publicly that his 2016 salary of $11 million was too high.

The whistleblower’s letter has added more fuel to the fire as Infosys looks to innovate in an every-changing tech world. It also serves of an example of how powerful a whistleblower can be in uncovering potential wrongdoing within an organization. To learn more about your options for serving as a whistleblower, consult a knowledgeable Dallas attorney at Whistleblower Law for Managers.