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Fox News Anchor Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against Network

Cable news network Fox News has found itself in a great deal of legal hot water lately, including sexual harassment allegations levied against several of its most notable executives and on-air personalities. The latest legal challenge to arise came in May in the form of a discrimination lawsuit filed by anchor Diana Falzone.

Falzone accuses the network of discriminating against her based on her gender and her battle with a chronic illness. In her lawsuit, filed in the New York State Supreme Court, she alleges she was banned from appearing on the network after writing an editorial for Fox News disclosing her fight against endometriosis, a condition that will likely lead to infertility. She claims she had approval from her supervisors to write the column under the headline “Women Should Never Suffer in Silence.”

Shortly after the piece ran, her supervisor allegedly told her network executives would bar her from appearing on the air or on the Fox News website. She was not given a reason for this decision. Falzone had previously received positive performance reviews for her work. She did not elaborate on why she thought the network took the action it did, other than pointing out that it happened just three days after Fox published the article.

Legal difficulties at Fox News

This lawsuit is just the latest legal claim or accusation against the network since the late Roger Ailes was forced out of the network in 2016 after being accused of sexual harassment and lewd behavior by at least six women who worked at the network. Bill O’Reilly was also forced out earlier this year after a New York Times report revealed Fox and O’Reilly had paid off five women with a total of $13 million to settle harassment claims against him.

In April, 11 current and former employees of the network joined a class-action suit against the network, claiming rampant racial discrimination.

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