Attorney Steve Kardell Offers Input on Ailes Case to Wall Street Journal

Attorney Steve Kardell has been was cited in a recent Wall Street Journal article covering the recent issues at Fox News related to the ouster of Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes.

The case has dominated national news this summer. Ailes has been accused of sexual harassment by several women who have worked for the news network — most notably well-known former anchor Gretchen Carlson. In June, Carlson filed a sexual harassment against Ailes, claiming that she had dealt with years of inappropriate conduct from the CEO.

Since then, a number of other women have also spoken up, saying publicly that they were also subject to harassment from Ailes. Initial reports indicate that the company did not conduct a proper investigation into these claims when they first arose.

Insights from an experienced internal investigations attorney

In the recent WSJ article, Kardell was asked about how an issue like this could have such an enormous impact on a large organization like Fox News.

“The blame would lie on the part of upper management,” Kardell said in the article. “If you’re looking for who’s to blame here that allowed it to keep going on, it is the lack of controls at the top.”

This is highly familiar territory for Kardell, who works closely with executives and managers across various industries to make sure they have the right processes in place to manage comprehensive internal investigations. No matter how clear a company’s policies or how clean of a perception there is about an executive, when an issue like this arises there will be an internal investigation, and it is a right of all those involved to seek legal counsel. Don’t go it alone.

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