Aramark Whistleblower Claims He was Fired After Revealing Company Violations

Jon Costa, a former employee of Aramark, claims that the company fired him after he publicized a number of major food violations that the company committed in its work at Arrowhead and Kaufman stadiums in November 2014. He had been placed on paid administrative leave and now finds himself out of a job altogether, after doing what he says was “the right thing.”

Costa began working for Aramark about two years ago, and soon began to notice some rather disturbing practices in the company. He took a number of pictures of moldy food, mouse droppings and bugs in food prep areas right after the end of the World Series. He thought that people would want to know about some of these significant filth issues, especially those who had purchased food from the stadium vendors.

Before he released the photos he went to Aramark management and ownership, but claims that they pushed back. Costa says it was then that he had no choice but to make the information public. The revealed photos and information led to an inspection by the city health department, which found violations in 20 of 26 food stands. After the inspection, Costa was put on paid administrative leave for four months, and recently received a letter in the mail stating that he had been fired.

Aramark refused to comment on the firing, but claims that food safety is a top priority for its company. Costa, however, has filed a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and intends to fight back against the retaliation.

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