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The Bed Bug Whistleblower is Awarded Back Pay

A federal court ordered S.E.M. Villa II Inc., a nonprofit corporation that operates a retirement home in Milford, Ohio, to pay a former manager $20,000 in back pay. The former manager filed a complaint with the Clermont County General Health District alleging that S.E.M. Villa II was mishandling a bedbug infestation at the retirement home…. Read More »

Whistleblowers Blow their Whistles While They Work

It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak, and another to hear. -Henry David Thoreau The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Pilgrim Pride Corp. reached a $50,000 settlement in a 2012 whistleblower case. The case began when a manager for water reclamation at Pilgrim Pride’s processing plant… Read More »

A Texas Whistleblower Could Have Saved Lives

On April 17, 2013, the West Fertilizer plant, owned by Adair Grain, Inc., exploded, killing at least 14 and injuring hundreds more. Although months have passed since the explosion, many questions remain. The plant contained approximately 54,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia, a chemical substance used to make ammonium nitrate, the same explosive material used by… Read More »